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Business Model Development

SEA based Unicorn Startup


Successful organizations always
develop solid comprehensive
business plan to improve their
chances of being successful.
Our business plan development
service helps clients in giving a
strategic direction to their new
initiatives backed by research
while avoiding the potential
risks. Developing case studies
of success and failure models
as part of the business plan
also assist in setting the
benchmarks and defining the
road map.

The Challenge

Our client, a multi vertical super app startup based out of Singapore and having presence across the SEA region wanted to develop a loyalty program to keep their current customers engaged, make them spend more and bring more customers to their fold. There are various types of loyalty programs present in the market today and the client wanted to understand what are the success and failure factors in each of these types. They also wanted to understand how the consumer behaviour was impacted in each of these types. Based on this understanding, they wanted to go ahead with the most suitable loyalty program model for their market.

Our Approach

Our loyalty program development strategy included in depth analysis of success & failure case studies of major loyalty programs in the world, and the reasons for the same. We analysed end to end customer journey of each of these loyalty programs under consideration from Onboarding journey to Marketing Discovery Channel to Reward Types, Reward Redemption and Rewarded Customers Behaviours. Further, it threw light on what kind of rewards and preferred treatment customers expect to be a part of a loyalty program. The study also involved social sentiment analysis of key features of some of the leading programs in the region. Further this findings have been customised to the local customer preferences in the SEA region . As a part of the assignment, case studies were also developed with in depth analysis of how some of the world’s top loyalty programs have become successful.


Our research based recommendations on how to build a successful loyalty program in the SEA market covering all aspects inducing the program feature expectations, perceived value addition for the customers, customer journey & experience including modes of accessing the program, and communication medium helped client with solid insights on their business plan.

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