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How we helped in Product Test Consumer Research for a French food products multinational corporation in shortlisting the best product to launch.



Customer Research

Leading French FMCG conglomerate


Product concept testing is an invaluable tool for companies looking to succeed with a new product or entering a new market. It helps business with clear insights on the customer preferences, attitudes, acceptability and market potential. It is instrumental in eliminating lower-potential concepts and steer clear of bad decision. This research helps a company understand how customers are interacting with their product, and also their competitors’.

The Challenge

A leading French food products multinational corporation wanted to expand its fresh diary product range in an existing market. The client wanted to evaluate consumer reactions and perception regarding three new product flavours and comparing them among each other, in order to come up with the top desirable flavours. The detailed objectives of the research involved understanding the

  • Likes/ dislikes on product flavour
  • Acceptability of color, aroma/ smell & appearance
  • Full diagnostics on all product sensory attributes like smell, overall & after taste, product flavour, mouthful feel, etc
  • Overall acceptability/Likeability
  • Purchase intention
  • Comparative rating between the three products tested

Our Approach

Along with the primary objective, other key aspects like brand awareness & usage, product category usage and attitude, purchase behaviour etc were also understood to help the brand in their marketing effectiveness.

Qualitative central location primary research were conducted among various user groups (economic class, age, gender, etc) were conducted. The research followed Sequential Monadic Product Testing and product diagnostics were checked with the respondents to understand if the product features are at right level (acceptable level) to the respondent through JAR (Just At Right) Scale.


The comparative evaluation of products gave clear indicators on which flavour stood out as the topper across all the evaluation aspects. Consumer behaviour was also identified for the brand to target them more effectively through their campaigns.

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