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Investment Decisions.

How we helped a Venture Capital Firm make better investments.


Venture Capital

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SEA and Silicon Valley based VC


Investment firms relies on
industry research, market
trends and competitive
benchmarking while making
their investment decisions.
The regular monitoring of
market landscape is very
crucial for them to be on top
of evolving trends. Our
customised market intelligence
solutions helps in thorough
understanding of the industry,
customers, competition, and
marketplace to identify the
best investment opportunities.

The Challenge

A leading venture capital with investment portfolio across the globe were planning to invest aggressively in the social commerce and EV automobile verticals. Before they get into this, they wanted a complete understanding of these markets in the SEA region along with customer trends and competitive analysis. As a trusted research and advisory partner, we supported the client in building their optimal investment strategy in these two industry verticals.

Our Approach

Working together with the client, we were able to provide a complete 360 degree understanding of the market within the scope of geographies they were focussing. Some of the factors covered included the Industry potential with market size estimates and market opportunity assessments. We also identified the key adoption drivers in the industry including economic, social and technology drivers. Our consultants also provided the client with a deep customer understanding and their sentiments towards these categories. We also provided them with competitive intelligence and various business models operating under this category. We also benchmarked some of the global companies operating in their domain to understand their path to success.


The insights were crucial for the investment team who were looking to gather as much information as possible to make data enabled smarter investment decisions. They were able to benchmark these insights while making new investments in the sector and also guide the portfolio companies.

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